Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 16: In a Pickle

Or rather, I might just turn into one!  I actually don't really like pickles all that much.  I hated all pickles until the age of 24, and now I will only eat Garlic Lovers, or those really green crunchy barrel pickles from the deli counter.  But, ever since I was a little kid, I love love love cucumbers.  One of my favorite vegetables (ok, I know it's technically a fruit, but I still call it a veggie), I pretty much eat one a day during the whole summer (cucumbers grow like crazy in this area. I can barely keep up!) 

This year, the hubs and I have seriously scaled down our veggie garden. Mainly because A - our backyard garden was pre-determined in size by long-existing 4-by-4s, and B - last year, we couldn't get to a lot of the veggies before they rotted.  They grew too fast before we could eat them! So instead of the usual 4 or 5 cucumber plants, one each of several types, we have only 2 plants this year, both of the pickling variety, or Kirby.  Even though we only have 2, I still ended up taking 8 of them up to Maine with us!  I ate one every day, with lunch or for a snack, and I still can't keep up, because there were more waiting for me when I got home!

Oh well, too bad, I have to eat *so* many of my favorite veggie. :-P  But, since we don't pickle them (anymore), and I don't really like pickles anyway, when my sketchbook prompt said to draw a pickle, I drew one.....but it's really still a cucumber.


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