Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 15: Cabin Fever

I don't have cabin fever, more like cabin hay fever.  I just spent a week in Maine in a cabin.  After 2 days of a water faucet nose (ew), I ended up sleeping on top of the covers with the pillow at the foot of the bed, my face turned towards the wide open window for air.  It wasn't too bad, but my body did not like sleeping cramped in that position for 5 more days.  Anyway, I found it appropriate that since one of the sketch prompts in my sketchbook was to draw a cabin, I should in fact draw a picture of the cabin I stayed in. 

The place we stayed is located in Rangeley, Maine.  It's very pretty, all about nature, and right up my husband's alley.

All of the cabins have names.  Ours was Hummingbird Haven.  It apparently had, at one point, a bunch of hummingbird feeders hanging from the porch roof (although it no longer does) hence the name.  as far as their cabin size goes, this was one of the larger ones, complete with 2 bedrooms, connected by a bathroom with a full-on Bugs Bunny Shower, and a complete set of floors so uneven, you felt like you were sailing on a ship (or drunk, when you haven't drank) every time you walked from one end of the cabin to the other!

But seriously, I'm not complaining.  Aside from my allergy problem, it was a fun place to stay. Lots of kayaking, hiking, and plenty of pictures.

So, since the website its self does not have a picture of our cabin posted, here, in all it's quirky uneven glory and charm, is Hummingbird Haven:

Hmm, since their website doesn't seem to have updated photos, perhaps I should send them some....:-)

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