Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 17: Office Space

Today's sketch is a paper clip.  Yup.  A paper clip.  Kinda goes right up there with my first post about a rolling pin...........not very exciting.  Oh, sure, I did the same thing everyone else did with paper clips when I was a kid: a (rainbow) paper clip chain, bent paper clips into wire sculptures, or make-shift pointy objects.....and I hated those ones that are made out of the cheaper material, and come pre-scored, so when you go to bend them, they snap apart. Yeah, those stink.  My crowning achievement in paper clip ingenuity was when I was working as a temp for an oil shipping company.  It wasn't difficult work, just a bunch of data entry and secretarial stuff.  On this job, I was forced to realize that I am a creative individual, and therefore should never be confined to a cube.  Crazy things (like paper clip inventions) will happen.  Case in point:  I had a little stuffed dragon (pocket-sized) that I had been given.  I carried it around in my work bag, for some unknown reason.  It made this large, Jurassic Park-style roar any time it was squashed against something, which broke up the office monotony quite nicely.  Well, one day, in the Adventures of Office Dragon,  I made him a rubber band climbing harness, and he repelled down my filing cabinets. ( I really should dig out that picture I took......)

Around this time, I saw the movie Office Space for the first time in its entirety.  Not enough can be said for the hilarity of the mundane so accurately depicted in that film. (Ok, ok.....getting off my film student soap box now....)  So, to celebrate this classic film, I present to you: my paper clip!

And for those of you who can't get enough, here's some Office Space for you.

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