Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 14: Pretty 'Flower'

By now, I've got Disney on the brain. Real bad.  As of today, I leave on my first Disney trip on five years in 42 days! *yay!*  So when I cam across the sketch prompt of 'a skunk' in my sketchbook, Flower from Bambi was all I could think of to draw!

Skunks are (obviously) stinky, but if you've ever seen a skunk baby, they're pretty darn cute:

*insert collective 'awww!' here*

A few summers ago, I was staying at my in-laws house, and driving along their country road at night, I almost hit one of these adorable buggers! Needless to say, the little dude was quite perturbed, and promptly sprayed the following car angrily with his stinky-ness (which happened to be my husband's truck.) Disney, in a play of mild irony, has the character of Flower be a skunk, hiding in a flowerbed.  I guess all of the flowers cover up the stink?

Well, either way, baby skunks are cute, and Flower is cute.  My attempt at Flower (with color added):

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