Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 13: Al Hirschfeld, Take 2

So, from one of my previous posts, you probably know that I love Al Hirschfeld's work.  He was indeed the master of line.  I don't really consider myself good at caricatures.  Truth be told, my husband is better at them.  However, I love Hirschfeld's work, and since he also shared a special relationship with some Disney animation projects, the liking is doubled.  (You can find the video here.  I highly recommend it.)

Since I was working with kids on this one, I had to back up a bit with this project, and give them a crash course in facial proportions.  Once that was done, I told them to pick one feature on their face and exaggerate it.  I chose my eyes, another chose her lips, and another chose his glasses.  Once the drawing were done, they were outlined in Sharpie, and that was followed by a quick demonstration of how to use colored pencils.  All in all, it ended up being a fun little exercise, and produced some cute results.

Here's what the kids produced:

And here's mine:


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