Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2: Anchors Aweigh!

Today the weather around here was kind of iffy. It was supposed to rain, then it wasn't then it did, then it down-poured. Typical June weather. Most people are grateful from the break in the heatwave from last week....not me! Give me sun and temps in the 80s every day!  Anyway, since I'm still feeling the creative road-block I talked about yesterday, which I'm going to blame in-part on this crazy weather, I decided that I'd use my handy-dandy sketchbook (yes, I just made a reference to Blue's Clues) and see what the next sketch idea was.  Turned out, today was sketch an anchor.  Huh.  It made me think of two things: 1 - one of my former co-workers belonged to a sorority that used the anchor as their symbol.  She wore a silver one on a necklace, and every time I noticed it I would think, wow, that's an interesting (and original!) thing to wear on a necklace, and 2: one of my favorite movies, Anchors Aweigh!

(I borrowed this picture from Wikipedia. It's a great movie, I'd recommend it)
It's no secret that I am very passionate about all things song and dance.  At thirteen, I was a self-described musicals freak, and I even did several reports for my history class in high school based off of several movie-musical classics. (I know, I'm a geek.)  Ok, so enough of the anchor-associations.  Here it is:

You know, for only being on day 2, this project is starting to remind me of all of the things I used to doodle in my notebooks to keep myself entertained during lectures in class.  Kinda fun! Hmm....I know I saved some of my better doodles.....perhaps I'll dig a few of them up & post them.....

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