Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 11: Sunrise, Sunset

I have this song stuck in my head for a random reason.  I just signed up for HBO for the summer, so I can watch my show (True Blood - YES!!!) and I was scanning through the movies, looking for something to watch before falling asleep.  Since nothing was on, I ordered Sex and The City 2 from OnDemand (I <3 FiOS).  About 15 minutes into the movie, an all-male chior starts singing this tune from Fiddler On The Roof.  Which explains part of the reason why now, at 12:35pm, I'm humming this tune. (For the record, I have also 1. performed another song from this film, Tradition, at a college music showcase, and 2. I have never seen the movie!)

The other reason I have the song stuck in my head  is because of one of the projects I did with my camp kids this week.  It ended up being the first project thhey could take home, and they all ended up loving it!  What we did was I taught them how to paint a watercolor sunset, and then we painted on a black silhouette night scene on top.  The acutal process was really easy, but the results were much more striking than I had expected:

Ok, so some of the kids did not follow directions and paint a realistic sunset with the correct colors, and some did not have the dexterity with a paintbrush that I had hoped for.  But overall, they came out great, the kids really challenged themselves creatively,  and I was so excited to here about how much the kids loved them.  (Check out the third one from the left.  She had a tricky one - how to create the illusion of an island with ocean all around it in silhouette form?)  All of the kids were allowed to design their own scene about where this sunset was taking place.  Before they worked on their own, I had them walk me through my design.  Now, normally, I'd be all over a sunset scene on a beach, but not only had that been done many times before, the kids decided that I should draw a nature scene with pine trees, birds, a raccoon, and a male deer. (all things which my husband is known to love!) Interesting and creative choice from my campers:

Hmm, I might even just frame that and give it to my hubs as a gift. Sounds like a good idea to me.........

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