Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 10: Family Portrait

Remember that substitute job I did for my husband?  Well, this sketch comes from the same day.  As I said, the art program at the gallery is pretty intense.  It's definitely not your average foam-art-and-lanyard place.  The kids involved here work on pretty hard-core conceptual ideas.  For example, the sketch today comes from a lesson on Aboriginal artwork.  With this project, the students learned about the elements of design that the Aboriginal artists were known for, and how to interpret the meaning of these symbols. (example: dots were used to represent people, or mainly the spirits, especially of ancestors.)  The main goal of this lesson was to create a picture using these symbols. 

Again, since my husband wasn't there that day, I decided to incorporate him into my project.  It was a particularly hot summer day (magnified by no air conditioning), and I love summer, so I used warm oranges and yellows for my picture.  I also included my interest in astrology into the picture by portraying myself as the lion (Leo) and my husband as the fish (Pisces).  And since we were newly engaged still, we are the only two people in the center of the picture, surrounded by our ancestors, in the shape of a sun.  I apologize if this is a bit too philosophical or conceptual for a 'sketch', but I hope you like it!

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